Acceptance Meeting


  • Have clear agreed acceptance with the Customer about final product.
  • Have an approve basedline, allow to change then Delivery Package shift to Support and Maintain stage.


Before Acceptance Meeting:

Organize Acceptance Meeting:

Tips You can learn from many sample customer acceptance meeting from this Youtube Playlist, login by trueplus email to view.

Tips You can learn from many sample customer acceptance slide below:

  • Once joining the Google meeting, the camera is already on.
  • Share only the presentatation window screen. Do not share entire screen. Avoid have background desktop, background application or noti message.
  • At the same time, ask the customer the permission to record the call for the true purpose. Make sure that the folder of the recodings are open for people within trueplus and magestore organizations.
  • Make clear plan and agenda to have an Executing Acceptance Meeting with the Customer.
  • Share the agenda at the beginning of the meeting including the note that the meeting is recored to for the review and accuracy of the discussed requirements.
  • Walkthrought each User Story:
    • Introduce & Overview the User Story.
    • Play the User Story
    • Summary the User Story, ask the customer about their thought.
  • Open discusssion after finishing walkthrough, to have customer feedback and may give more requirement.

Tips: If can not have meeting with the customer, you can send a demonstrantion clip according to Acceptance Script and send to the Customer.

After Acceptance Meeting: