Company Demo


All deparrtment understand to making proposal to the customer


  • Have company demo every Monday.


Content demo

Purpose: Introduce demo participants to the relevant articles about the plug-ins/add-ons that they can send to Magestore customers and prospects.

What to demo: Retail operations articles that explain why these requirements exist and the general business processes. They're a combination of Magestore customer insights and other sources such as online documents or articles.

Activities: Demo the live content on Magestore website, blog, or other channels.

  1. Show where visitors can access the content
  2. A summary of the content: Definition, benefits, business processes, best practices etc.
  3. Introduce the next section about Magestore solution and hand over to the plugin demo

Where to find the content: All plugins content is currently available on Magestore website, under Retail Operations Library.

Product Demo