Training & Culture Orientation

From August 2020, Magestore opens a learning management system which helps Magestorer and also the outsider to learn knowledge about the credentials of Magestore:

Create an account in Course with your email and then you can self enroll in the relative courses.

1. Training Core Values, Mission & Vision

Learn the Course Magestore 101 to understand about:

  • Magestore History, Mission, Vision
  • Core Values
  • Organization Structure
  • Magestore Management Principles
  • Remote Principles
  • Core Product Strategies & Markets

2. Agile For Dummies

Magestore has lived with Agile Mindset & Principles for 2 years since 2018. In order to understand all the processes we are running right now, Agile & Scrum knowledge are the prerequisite part.

Learn the Course Agile for Dummies to get to know:

  • Agile Manifesto & Principles
  • How to be Agile, not just do Agile
  • Scrum Values & Principles
  • Scrum Team & Roles in Scrum Team
  • Scrum Events & Artifacts

3. Remote Working Mindset

Covid-19 is the reason for Magestore to try Remote Working. But it opens a new door for us to run the whole organization. Inspired by Gitlab - the largest remote company worldwide with up to 1300 employee around 65 countries, we believe Remote Working is the trending concept, especially for the millennials generation which enforces us to work borderless & timeless.

Remote Working is not simple to bring your office online. It is a total different environment which are lived through differents approach & values. Learn Remote Working Mindset course to get familiar with Remote Mindset

  • Remote Mindset & Manifesto
  • Communication in Remote
  • Meeting & Scrum Events in Remote
  • Document & Handbook 1st Mindset
  • Learning & Development in Remote
  • Healthy Remote LifeStyle

4. Tools for smooth work

Magestore is a tech company where many applications and tools are used for better collaboration among Magestore members.

To work well with others, you need to understand our information system (my magestore), project management tools (Gitlab), communication tools (like Slack, Gmail), privacy tools (password) etc

Learn Tools for smooth work course to get familiar with tech tools at Magestore

5. Reward & Recognition culture

Saying Thank you right time, right way & to right people is a bold characteristic of Magestore DNA. We call it Kudos or Peer to Peer Reward. Unlike traditional approach when the employees have to wait the evaluation time to get thanks or recognition from the manager/the company, at Magestore, we grant all people the rights to deliver recognition to each other immedidately.

Learn this culture through an insighful post of Isa - our brand ambassador and how we adapt to Remote Thank you system.

6. Magestore Solution Specialist

To better serve customers, you need to know our products and how customers are using our products, Magestore POS and other modules.

To help you gain a deeper knowledge about our products & solutions, we create a course call Magestore Solution Specialist in which you will dive deep into many business cases, with practical use cases & step-by-step instructions. After learning the business cases, you could also solve a real business case on your own. This is a fundamental course for every position at Magestore.

You can read this Slide to get to know more about Magestore Solution Specialist, what's the difference in learning method and how to learn effectively.

Go to the Magestore Solution Specialist on to explore and learn.

7. Business Analysis Fundamentals

As a B2B Product Company, it is required that every Magestoers have basic understanding of Business Analysis, even you work in Product Team, Development Team, Marketing or Sales...

To better support you, we find out a very interesting online course called BA Fundamentals on udemy.

Further instruction of how to learn via Udemy & how to test in Magestore Learning System are documented here. Please go to the BA Fundamentals Course to learn & get tested.

Read more advanced topics about Magestore Culture:

According to Daniel Pink - the father of Motivation Theory, people have motivation when they have 3 dimensions fulfilled.

At Magestore, we choose the "Cultivate & Nurturing" culture more than "Command & Control" culture. That's why we encourage people following the Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose.

  1. How autonomy are Magestorers?
  2. How we make Magestore a learning organization?
  3. How we live meaningfully everyday?