Structure of MSS courses

The Magestore Solution Specialist (MSS) course includes 5 knowledge levels of Magestore's product. This course is created by scenario based-learning method.

Each Level is created to a new course into Course Categories Magestore Solution. Dependence on the complexion of levels, they can include a different number of business cases. It means each business case is a real scenario of Magestore's customer and we need to use Magestore's solution to resolve it.

Before start a course, you need to add General Introduction part in the starting of course. This part includes:

  • Course duration: How long it takes to complete a course (depends on how familiar you are with Magento and retail processes.)
  • Course assignments: At the end of each BC in a course, you’ll be asked to complete a quiz and submit an assignment to review your understanding of the topics.
  • Course resources:
    • Killing Questions/Issues: Forum to helps learners discuss and asking about this course
    • Guide to install the demo site for MSS course.

1. Level 1: Foundation

  • BC01: Basic concept and Using

2. Level 2: Practional

  • BC02: Product Catalogue
  • BC03: Prepare Product
  • BC04: Cashier Situation

3. Level 3: Intermediate

  • BC05: Marketing
  • BC06: Report, Monitor, Control
  • BC07: Payment and Tax
  • BC08: Purchase Order
  • BC09: Inventory Management
  • BC10: Fulfilment, dropship, store pickup

4. Level 4: Expert

  • Graduation Thesis with a Full apply solution to a business model

5. Level 5: Master

  • Contribute at least a Business Model for Expert Thesis