Structure of a Business Case

Business Case is a unit in a level of this course. A business case includes 5 activities like:

1. Introduce the scenario and purpose of the Business case

This part lists the scenario of a Business that wants to use Magestore's solution to resolve their requirements. Depend on the complexion of the business, the scenario will show information like:

  • Organizational structure of Enterprise
  • How to operate the business
  • Current business situation
  • Problems
  • Why they want to use Magestore Solution
  • Their wishes

Besides, this session also shows the result that learners will receive if they finished this Business case.

2. Instructions

This part instructs learners to find and learn all knowledge related to resolving this Business case.

Remember that, instruction do not need to list detail guides for learners. There are 2 resources you can use to link:

  • This site is a place where detail guides step by step using our product or show the solution for a small issue of the customer. If you don't find the guide here, you can contribute to the site an article, after that, get a link to your instruction on your course.
  • You can link your instruction to this documentation of Magento to guide detail instruction with system.

A important of this instruction is the Quiz. Quiz includes questions that has purpose to remind knowledge for learners before they move to next session. Reference create quiz here.

Some recommend for Quiz part:

  • Questions are clearly content
  • Questions should mention the situation in Business Case
  • Question should not repeat a define

3. Exercise Checklist for Business Case

This is an activity lists all requiremnts for learner to finish assignment of a Business Case. Reference create checklist here. An Exercise Checklist include 2 parts:

  • First part: Summary of scenario of the enterprise. You can show all conditions here if Business case has special requirement (for example: number products that need to create in the csv file)
  • Second part: Checklist items for this Business Case

4. Submit Assignment of Business Case

This is an activity to learners submit their assignment.

In this part, you need to remind requirements:

  • Type of assignment: video or pdf file
  • Method submit: with video type, learner need to submit a pdf file that contain urls of Video

Remind learners that "Envision that you are presenting to your customer the solution that you have built for their business via your video."

5. Feedback for Business Case

This activity helps you collect feedback from learners for each Business Case. You can design your questions to get information to optimize your course then.