How to evaluate the result of the learner?

1. What are the conditions to get competencies for a course in MSS?

With a course in MSS, checkpoints to pass a course are:

  • Pass quiz over 80% points
  • Finish checklist requirements
  • Submit an file in assignment

In addition, learners assignments are also evaluated according to two criteria:

  • Good analyst:
    • Have idea to contribute product
    • Have feedback to find/assume more context
    • Have many solution and analyst for each context
  • Clear presentation: Have clear and good present

2. How to config competency for a course?

Following the MSS courses, there are 5 competency frameworks:

  1. Foundation
  2. Practional
  3. Intermidiate
  4. Expert
  5. Master

It means Administrator need to create competencie frameworks before setting competencies for a course.

Setting Course competencies

  • Step 1: Go to a course via Site Home
  • Step 2: Click to Competencies in left navigator

  • Step 3: Click to button Add competencies to course
  • Step 4: Select competency framwork and Locate competency

  • Step 5: Select condition for Upon course completion is Complete the competency

Setting Course completion

  • Step 1: Go to a course
  • Step 2: Click to the icon Actions menu in top right corner
  • Step 3: Choose Course completion
  • Step 4: Go to Condition: Activity completion tab
  • Step 5: Choose activities to define course completion:
    • Quiz
    • Checklist
    • Assignment

  • Step 6: Click to Save and Display Button

NOTE: If students complete all conditions of activities, they only have automation competencies from systems. About two criteria: Good analyst and Clear presentation need manually rate from the teacher.

Rate competancy from teacher

  • Step 1: Go to course
  • Step 2: Click to icon Actions menu in top right corner
  • Step 3: Choose More...
  • Step 4: In Report tab, choose Competency breakdown

  • Step 5: Select user to rate
  • Step 6: Click to link Not Rating (if not rating yet)

  • Step 7: Click to button Rate

  • Step 8: Select Rating and Rate