Video Call Meeting with Customers

Video call is one of the effective means of communication with the customers. In order take the most of this method, here are the best practices:

  • Camera is on that enhances the interaction as well as gain trust from the customer that they can not only hear a human voice but also recognize the real person that they are talking with. The camera can only be disable in case of the weak internet connection or customer's request.
  • The video is recorded: the talk with the customer normally include many details that the caller may neglect during the call, so the recording can help for the reviewing afterwards. Also, the recording will be the useful resource for other teams who want to understand the customers better.

Here is the required process to achieve the above goals:

Before the meeting:
1. Create the schedule on the meetmagestore account and send the invitation to all parties.
2. Send the agenda and Live-note to the customer before the meeting
3. Identify clearly the roles of the meeting participants: presenter, note taker.

While the presenter focuses on presenting, the note taker will notice the audience attitude and back up for the presenter.

During the meeting:
4. Once joining the Google meeting, the camera is already on.
5. Share the agenda at the beginning of the meeting including the note that the meeting is recored to for the review and accuracy of the discussed requirements.

At the same time, ask the customer the permission to record the call for the true purpose. Make sure that the folder of the recodings are open for people within trueplus and magestore organizations.

6. Share only the presentatation window screen. Do not share entire screen. Avoid have background desktop, background application or noti message.
After the meeting:
7. Send the meeting summary with all nececessary documents to the customer.
8. Save the recording to be as the user guide for the customer.