Selling Policy 2019

1. POS packages and licensing

1.1 Packages pricing

Magestore offers three POS plans for the Basic package:

  • POS Standard
  • POS Professional
  • POS Enterprise
1.2 Licensing

The customer will obtain a license certificate which will remain valid until the customer stops using the product. Each license certificate is valid for one live Magento installation only and one testing/development environment (both running the same setup).

If the customer has multiple websites/domains which are managed under the same Magento instance, only one license is required. However, if those websites/domains are managed by different Magento backend or Magento instances, additional licenses are required.

1.3 Standard Support extension

The first free year of support is already included in the License fee.

From the second year, the user has the right to extend the support, the yearly support since then will be equal to 20% of the license fee.

The scope of standard support is described in details in terms 6 in Magestore terms and conditions.

Please note that Magestore updates are independent from Magento updates.That means a Magento Update can result in a Magestore Product Upgrade.

1.4 Premium support


  • High priority support
  • Remote Launching day support
  • On-site support
1.5 Update and Upgrade POS package
  • Terms 3 and 4 in Magestore terms and conditions.
  • Please note that if the customer requests an implementation or other customization services for the newly-updated package, we will charge an installation and/or extra customization fee.

2. Customization/integration service

2.1 Estimation formula

Customization fee will be charged on the hourly rate basis.

The customization fee will be varied by the specific custom changes requested by the customer, which will include following components tasks:

  • Business analysis
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • User guide and training
  • Support

Magestore follows Agile methodology in all processes, which delivers the result to the customer every week and also seeks for the customer's collaboration thoroughly in order to guarantee the good quality and smooth implementation.

Refer to Term 5 in Magestore terms and conditions.

2.2 Support fee

The support fee for the 1st year will be incluced in the customization fee and it's required. However, since the 2nd year, the support fee is optional and will be charged as 10% of the development fee.

2.3 Update and Upgrade customization
  • Update customization: Update is considered in the case that the customization will be re-done in the same product line of the POS package. E.g, the customers update Magento from 2.3.3. to 2.3.4, they can keep using the same POS product line and continue using the customized package. If there is any issue, Magestore will fix it free for the customer.
  • Upgrade the customization: Upgrade is considered in the case the customization will be re-done in a different product line of the POS package. E.g: the customer upgrades their Magento website from 2.2.x to 2.3.x, a different POS product line is required. In this case, due to the different code structure, Magestore will check the customized package carefully and define which customized features is still working in the new version - which can be simply re-installed again and which customized features are not working anymore - which needs to be re-done and estimated from the scratch.
2.4 Updates by a third-party extensions

3. Policy for Agency

3.1 Reseller Price

The reseller program can be initiated after the 1st deal. The solution cost might include 2 parts:

  • License fee for the Basic package (Standard, Professional, Enterprise): each new client of the agency will require a new registered license. However, there might be a discount/commission level applied for the agency which will be evaluated based on the agreement between Magestore and the agency.
  • Customization fee (Extent package): will be calculated normally for the 1st client. If the agency wishes to apply the same custom changes to other clients, only the deployment + support + training fee (if any) are charged. The business analysis and development time will be excluded.

4. Price Adjustments

4.1 Change the scope during the development phase
4.2 Adjust the priorities
4.3 Late payment

Note: The BC makes sure to cover all of the important points checklist before finalizing the agreement with the customer.

5. Refund policy

5.1 POS package
5.2 Customization service