Sales Tools

Below is the tools to assist the Sales team work more effectively.

1. Zoho as CRM

  • Manage customers' insights and information.
  • Help the Business Consultant manage their leads and deals in place.
  • Assist the business consultant with reminder/suggestion tasks
  • Provide insightful reports

2. Slack: Communication tool

Currently, Magestore uses Slack for 2 main purposes:

3. - A center system

Will include the following information:

4. Conference call tools

  • Team's skype account: Consulting.magestore
  • Google hangout (working email will be provided by the company): this is currently the main tool to set up the meeting with the customers as it's easy to join via email address & allows recording function. Each BC will be provided a suite account to e-meet the customers.
  • Zoom
  • Zendesk talk
  • Others requested by the customers (teams, ...)


  • All accounts logged into systems are managed via Ask teammates to share the accounts

5. Goal Management Tools

  • Team Gitlab: which specifies team goals (Sales Goal, Activities Goal, SDR Goal of the week)

6. Use case resource