Sales Demo Kit

The purpose of the demostration section is to help the customer get a better understanding of the company, product and serices, which establish the trust of the customer that the solution provider can be totally able to handle the business cases well.

The very first step before the demo section is to identify the consumer roles who will be joining meeting and which value needs to be showed here.

Consumer roles:

1. Initiator

1.1 Profile: gender, age, income, location, motivation, lifestyle, ...
1.2 Focused value
1.3 Demonstration

2. End-users

2.1 Profile
2.2 Focused value
2.3 Demonstration

3. Influencer

3.1 Profile
3.2 Focused value
3.3 Demonstration

4. Decision maker (Champion)

4.1 Profile
4.2 Focused value
4.3 Demonstration

5. Buyer

5.1 Profile
5.2 Focused value
5.3 Demonstration

The following components will help to create an effective demo meeting.

1. Pitching deck

2. Solution brief

3. Live demo

4. Do and Don't