Sales culture

The core values that drive Business Consultant team forward:

1. Positive thinking

It is a well-known fact that sales is one of the most challenging job as a salesperson face a constant pressure of hitting his/ her quota, getting rejected by a client, or having a seemingly unresolvable task. However, with challenges and difficulties comes solutions and opportunities. As a Magestore Business Consultant, we highly value positive mindset with a solution-based approach and that's how we strive for excellence in whatever job we do. This can be demonstrated through these following examples:

  • Instead of focusing on the problem, look for solutions that get you out of the situation.
  • Treat every bug happening to client as an opportunity - a touchpoint to get closer and listen to the client not a problematic issue.
  • "Failure" is room for improvement - a learning opportunity, not a failure.
  • Just do it!

2. Energetic and creative

Energy is a secret to everything. Despite ups and downs, BC maintain their positive energy level, especially when working with the clients, setting the meeting tone,... We want the client to feel the energy and enthusiasm and be excited about their future solution as much as we are. The team is pro-active and thrilled to seek a solution - these characteristics drive them going even when they encounter rejection and setbacks.

And, of course, with a solution-oriented mindset, we often look at "the problem" with different sets of eyes, being creative when it comes to problem-solving, how we approach the clients, tailoring our offer to work best for their business,...

3. Continuous learning & Professional development

3.1 Reading as a habit!

Detailed about RAAH can be found here: Reading as a habit!

3.2 Weekly training

There is always room for improvement, especially when being in Sales. Every week BC team makes sure to learn a new thing together - as a team. Since Sales is mostly individual task, this weekly training is an occasion we gather and share our experience to each other.

Learning topic could be everything we find that we lack or need improvement. For example:

  • Retail expert: each member in charge of researching about 1 specific industry then sharing to others to enrich our expertise.
  • Sales mentoring: Exclusive training by our mentor - anh Thanh (ex-Salesforce sales manager) on how to build our image as an expert and be more solution-based approach.
  • Any training on sales skills hosted and facilitated by BC member: Understanding clients' 3 levels of pain, In-depth analysis,...
3.3 Monthly Check-in:

It's an indispensable activity of BC at the begining of every month and a precious chance for us BC team member to reflect. You can find more information about BC Monthly Check-in Here

3.4 LION

LION is created with an aim to improve ourselves every week. Every small change matters - understand this fact, BC started following LION method of improvement early 2020.

  • What:

LION stands for: L: Last I: Improvement O: Obstables N: Next

  • Concept: Win by a nose! In a horse racing, the horse that finishes first and finishes second is a huge difference, and this win or loss is sometimes only differentiated by the nose of the horse that hits the finish first. In other words, every small effort contributes to a big difference. When it comes to sales, continous improvement in each stage will help a salesperson to make a leap. Therefore, always go for an extra mile: be a little more resilient, little more careful, little more supportive and dedicated,... in every task you do.

  • How: at the begining of everyweek - on Monday, every BC member has to fill in the LION file 1 improvement they promise to make that coming week and stick to it. The improvement must be different every week. => That means by the end of the year, you have 52 improvements to reflect and look back. It's small change that counts.

3.5. Monthly team bonding

We celebrate even small or big victories, that's why we make time and gather and chit chat about anything we want: from relationship consultation (part-time young adult, full-time consultant tho), fortune telling to health coach,..

It could be at a street food vendor, a fancy restaurant or randomly at a BC member's house.

175649018_303973127766663_1858408983169403724_n.jpg BC team - current and ex-BC members