Sales Analytics

Sales metrics indicates the performance and health figures of the sales situation. It also helps indentifies the sales insights and direct the next actions to achieve the better results.

Basically, the analytics helps answer the questions:

  • What happened?
  • Why did it happen?
  • What will happen?
  • What should be done next?

The below metrics are recommended to be monitored:

1.1 Revenue
  • Total revenue
  • Revenue streams from products, customization, support
  • Revenue from region/country
  • Revenue by business types
  • Revenue by customer segments
  • Revenue by customer type (new >< returning customers)
  • Revenue growth by period (month/year)
  • Revenue by contact point (Merchant/Agency)

Note: This report is available on zoho. It should be a summary report but groupings by different variables.

1.2 Customers
  • Conversion rate (CR)

Note: on CRM, this report is not ready made. So we can get the divison of 2 reports results: no. POS won deals & no. POS deals. These 2 reports are available.

  • Conversation rate by stages.

Note: on CRM, we can generate the report Deals by pipeline (a matrix report). Then we based on thatto calculate the CR of each stage.

  • CR by contact point
  • Customer lifetime value.
  • No. of customers by region
  • No. of customers by business types.
  • No. of customers by scale (no. stores/revenue)
  • Refferal customers. This report will be taken from Account module
  • Customer growth by period
1.3 Order
  • Order average value
  • Average discount per order.
  • Order leadtime
  • No. of orders

1.4 Sales Qualification

  • SQL CR
  • SQL CR by stages
  • SQL lead time
  • SQL by contact point

2. Target management dashboard