Estimation process

This process will involved in case there is a Gap between Magestore Standard Package and Customer requirements.


  • Business Consultant (BC) in charge
  • Pre_sales or shark members (if any)
  • Delivery teams


1. Customers' requirements by BC
  • Analyze Fit&Gap from Discovery section with the customer
  • Output: Gap functionalities
2. Ready-to-estimate requirements by BC
  • This will help clarify the requirements in depth and understand the business insights for each one.
  • As long as the GAP is clear, it saves time for all parties, rather than back and forth meetings with delivery teams.
  • Output: Breadown the requirements into specific needs & purposes following the template
3. Estimation meeting: by BC & Delivery team
  • A day prior to the estimation meeting, please post a notice to the Slack channel #morning-estimation including:

    • Tag (mention) the delivery team and all members related
    • List all sections or cases need to be estimated together with the breakdown requirement.
  • Estimate the effort based on each user story following the Specs template:

4. Proof of Concept: by BC
  • Design the mocks-up to visualize the solution to share with the customer
  • This can be done in step 2 (if possible), this can also help the delivery team estimate better & quicker
  • Output: Solution Brief