About Sales Team: Roles, Members and Operation

This article is to introduce about BC team operation, following Agile Manifesto and how BC team adopt Agile methodology into their daily practice - in Sales.


"Agile sales takes project management strategies from the IT world -- such as sprints, daily stand-ups, and constant iteration -- and applies them to selling. This methodology helps sales teams be more flexible, data-driven, and effective."

BC team currently apply 3 essential components to keep everyone in the loop and ensure a smooth collaboration & operation between team members:

1. Daily Standup:

At 11:00 am every weekday (except Monday as we have Weekly planning already), all team members have a 30 minutes status update meeting. Each person share what they did the day before: which projects they're working on and challenges they are having (if any) and ask for help or guidance if necessary.

The lead/deal progress will be updated via Pipeline on my.magestore

This meeting enhance the team collaboration and supportiveness culture as it's one of the occasion that we team member gather and together discuss for a solution and progress toward our mutual monthly goal.

After the meeting, there will be a summary updated to the team Slack channel:

2. Team Weekly:

Hosted every Monday at 8:30 AM and often lasts for 1.5 hours, weekly meeting is to review the previous week and all the accomplished activities, while also planning for the upcoming week. During this meeting, the team often discuss:

  • Weekly update: any changes or updates in sales process, other activities that should be done & deadline.
  • POV & Business Impact Report: track if 100% deals have POV file and 50% deals have Business Impact
  • Daily standup: Commited cases & Best cases, how is the progress toward achieving Quarter OKR.
  • Preparation for Company Monday Motivation's Team result presentation: Template
  • Every Weekly meeting must go through all the points in these points:
a. Review:
  • Review last week goal
  • Review Sales results
  • Review SQL results.
  • Review OKR
  • Review Other tasks (If any).

by answering the following questions:

  • what happened to the goal set?
  • what are the reasons of that results?
  • what are the next actions to improve the current results?
b. Planning:
  • Sales goal for the week:
    • What are commit cases & best cases should be to achieve the goal?
    • Each deal needs to answer p6 & next action clear: who does what & when in the note section on Deal on pipeline.
  • Activities goal:
    • Set the goal: e,g: the business value of OMC solution or complete communication course
    • What needs to do to achieve the goal/ plan.
    • Assign tasks to PIC
  • Weekly Training: Monthly plan following a topic.

3. Team Retro

At the end of the week, normally on Friday afternoon, BC team will be gathering answering the questions: how was your week? Let's share about how was our week in terms of work, personal life, health, ………………………. whatever made your week.

The retro section will help:

  • Personal reflection
  • Sharing
  • Team Connection
  • Team enhancement

4. Monthly Checkin:

At the begining of every month, each member of BC team schedule a 30 - 45 minutes checkin with Ms. Riley - BC team lead to go throught the following points:

  • Review their performance during the previous month:
    • Whether BC is satisfied with their performance & result or not
    • Good points and improving points
    • Sharing: thoughts on his/ her months,feedback about work & tasks,...
  • Plan for a new month:
    • What is his/ her expected sales result
    • What can be improved and done to accomplished the expected goal
    • Anything BC expect to do differently to accomplish their goal (personal & work-related goal)