Magestore Master Handbook

Master guideline about how we operate our work at Magestore.







Mission Statement

1. Customers: Provide the effective solutions fulfilling the customer's business cases with the ...

Sales Process 2019

The Sales process is describing how a lead is converted into a sales opportunities, then becomes ...

Sales Demo Kit

The purpose of the demostration section is to help the customer get a better understanding of the...

Sales Training

The skill set that a BC should accquire to comprehend the consulting skill. 1. Magestore product...

Sales Analytics

Sales metrics indicates the performance and health figures of the sales situation. It also helps ...

Sales culture

The core values that drive Business Consultant team forward: 1. Positive thinking It is a well-...

Sales Tools

Below is the tools to assist the Sales team work more effectively. 1. Zoho as CRM Manage cust...

Selling Policy 2019

1. POS packages and licensing 1.1 Packages pricing Magestore offers three POS plans for the Bas...

Video Call Meeting with Customers

Video call is one of the effective means of communication with the customers. In order take the ...

Sales Process 2021 Updated

In Magestore, Customer journey is devided into 2 main stages: From Lead to Deal; while to best se...

About Sales Team: Roles, Members and Operation

This article is to introduce about BC team operation, following Agile Manifesto and how BC team a...

Selling Policy 2021

Sales Report Guideline on CRM

Lead Qualification

Estimation process

This process will involved in case there is a Gap between Magestore Standard Package and Custom...



Business Operation

Product Strategy

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