Purchase Order




  • Request for Quotation (RfQ) is used when you plan to purchase some products and you would like to receive a quote for those products. In Odoo, the Request for Quotation is used to send your list of desired products to your supplier. Once your supplier has answered your request, you can choose to go ahead with the offer and purchase or to turn down the offer.
  • Purchase Order (PO) is the actual order that you place to the supplier that you chose, either through a RfQ, a Purchase Tender, or simply when you already know which supplier to order from.



Find a Purchase Order

Create a RFQ

Tips: You can Create new Vendor here

  • Step 2: Input Order Line and Vendor and Order Date box. Then click Save

Tips: You can add more terms and condition

  • Step 3: Send email to Vendor by click Send Email

Share RFQ to Vendor

Confirm to Purchase Order

If Magestore and Vendor have agreement with the RFQ, it will be change to Purchase Order.

Update the Receievd Quantity

Create Vendor Bills

When Magestore and Vendor agree that, they complete terms and condition of vendors, please create a Vendor Bills. One purchase orders may have many Vendor Bills

List Vendor Bills of Purchase Order

Register Payment for a Vendor Bills

  • Step 1: Open the Vendor Bills you want to Paid, the click the Register Payment

  • Step 2: Fill with Bank and Paid Value, then click Validate