Meet Magestore Youtube Channel


  • This video channel is for learning and catching official information of Magestore from our various kind of Magestore Meeting, such as: Monday Motivition, Monthly Summary, 7 team Meeting, Product Training, Workshop, Team Planning, Team Daily, Team Retrospective, Team Review.

Principles & Privacy

This channel have many personal and finance information. So the number one rule is to keep it confidential.

  • All Magestore member (with email) can manage this channel
  • This channel should be only viewable by Magestore member (with email)
  • Never share or download outside Magestore
  • Never upload any of customer information and data to this channel
  • By default, all videos are uploaded here have unlisted visibility and no-kids


Manage Owner Account

  • Use your email ( or to access to Meet Magestore Channel.
  • If can not, tell Mike who is manage the channel to invite you.

Upload new Video

  • Step 1: First login to Meet Magestore Studio by your account which have granted Editor.
  • Step 2: Make sure you are on the right channel Meet Magestore Studio by checking the channel name at left-top corner. If not go to the avatar at right-top corner and change to this channel.

  • Step 3: Choose upload videos

  • Step 4: Drag and Drop Videos into the box

  • Step 5: Set Title of Video as [Event name][YYY/MM/DD].

Example: Monday Motivation 2020/09/10

  • Step 6: Set Description as the summary content of Event. Such as list of acceptance user story, main conclusion point. Remember the written language is English.

  • Step 7: Set thumbnail for your video

We have default template for Youtube video. Please use this Canva template to prepare your thumbnail for uploaded video.

If you never use Canva before, this is the basic guide

  • Create an account first
  • Click to the Template you have been shared above. This will be listed in "All shared design" in the main menu
  • Please do not change the current image you see in the template.
  • Choose the frame that you want to duplicate, make a copy
  • Edit the frame as you want
  • Click Download to save your design
  • Be aware about the format of file you want to download. Normally we have to re-select to PNG/JPEG. Choose the right number of photo you want to save (not the whole project)
  • Step 8: Add to your team playlist.

  • Step 9: Alwways set audience as It's not made for kids

  • Step 10: Click more options then add Tag with Customer/Project name and Event Name such as Acceptance/Demo/Requirement

  • Step 11: Alwways set vibility as Unlisted

Note: If you set visibility to Private, please make sure all Magestore Member can access by follow this guide

  • Step 12: Get the shareable link

Magestore member open Video

Open a Video, the sign in with email

Grant Access for Magestore member

In case you one onlye Magestore member can access, please follow this guide:

  • Step 1: Go to visibility > change to private

  • Step 2: Click Share Privately

  • Step 3: Choose Let everyone at Trueplus view the click Save

Create Playlist