Magestore Calendar

Magestore calendar is the single source of truth for all the event of Magestore and team.

  1. The Role in Magestore calendar:
  • Everyone: subscribe Magestore calendar on your calendar in order to not missing out any important event of the company & flexible to join any of all team activities
  • If you are BoM, Faci of any of these event: Do approach MageX for the event management permission.
  1. How to subscrive Magestore calendar:
  • Step 1: Access to Magestore calendar:
  • Step 2: On the right down side, click + to Add to your Google Calendar
  • Step 3: Choose Add to subscribe the calendar.

Now you can be able to see Magestore calendar on your own calendar.

  1. What kind of event need to be in Magestore Calendar:
  • All Scrum events are on calendar including Planning/Review/Retro/Daily.
  • Company event: Routine (Monday Motivation, Monthly Review), Occasional (Christmas, Year End, etc).


  • All Events need turn on Hangout Meet via Add conferencing button (if you wanna use the default link, do replace it with the link that google calendar generated automatically). The link is public. Make sure all the link appear there is updated
  • All The Company event need to use this default link:
  1. Create a new event:
  • You need the permission from MageX to do this
  • The name of the event need to follow the format: [X] Name of event. X is Magestore of the name of the team. For example: [Magestore] Monday Motivation, [Coffee] Retro & Review.