Starting point of any Employee Information and connect to user account on all allications.



Create new Employee

Create New Employee on My Magestore

Update New Employee - Address on My Magestore

Address is one attributed that can be changed & updated sometimes.

Check your current address via Dashboard of Employee


If you want to change the address, back to My Magestore > Employee > Private Information > Address.

  • Click Extend icon to open a detailed form of Address:

  • Fill your new address to this field and after some minutes, your address in Company Dashboard will be updated too.

Create New Employee from Recuiment on My Magestore

  • Step 1: Go to My Magestore > Recruiment and open an Applicant on Contract Proposal or Contract Signed

  • Step 2: Click Create to have new Employee from Applicant

Create user on My Magestore

  • Step 1: Go to My Magestore > Setting
  • Step 2: Click to Manage access rights
  • Step 3: Click to Create button
  • Step 4: Fill info of user (NOTE: Keep default setting of tabs if you have no special change.)
  • Step 5: Click to Save button

Create user on Trueplus Email

Email Trueplus: Set the email with format [English Name@trueplus.vn

  • Step 1: Log in: https://admin.google.com/
  • Step 2: Choose *Users
  • Step 3: Click Add new user
  • Step 4: Fill in all required fill and confirm your action.

You can contact Contact Walter on Slack or Contact Isa on Slackfor more information.

Create user on Magestore Email

Follow the same steps as Create User on Trueplus Email (above)

Contact Walter on Slack or Contact Isa on Slack for more information.

Create user on Handbook

  • Step 1: Request User to Signup on Handbook
  • Step 2: Open Handbook > Setting > Users, open the registered user and set User Role to have Editor

Create user on Stories

Stories is a place to share knowledge, insights & know how of Magestorer in unstructured way (different from Handbook) If you want to share something instantly, Stories is the best option.

  • Step 1: Log in Admin of stories.magestore.com
  • Step 2: Go to Admin box -> Click Admin button
  • Step 3: Choose Invite
  • Step 4: Fill Trueplus Email in the Form and send Invitation.
  • Step 5: Send link invitation to the user so that they can login and complete account registration.
  • Step 6: Edit Trust Level for user: 1-basic user

Don't use the Coc coc browser to open this site.

Please Contact Walter on Slack for more information.

Create user on Slack

  • Step 1: Go to Slack Menu and click Invite people to Magestore.com

  • Step 2: Choose Member

  • Step 3: Input User email with trueplus or magestore domain then click Send Invitation

Create user on GitLab

Go to Manage Team Member on GitLab, invite the user with email from trueplus or magestore.

Connect User Slack to My Magestore

  • Step 1: Open User Slack Profile

  • Step 2: Copy Member ID

Connect User GitLab to My Magestore

  • Step 1 Ask GitLab User Name by request user point to avatar on top right menu

  • Step 2: Open the User from User List on My Magestore

  • Step 3 Fill Gitlab User ID with copied Gitlab User from Step 1

Update Employee Avatar

Update Avatar on Slack

Update Avatar on MyMagestore

Update Avatar on GitLab

Update Avatar on Stories

Update Avatar on Handbook

Assign an Employee to Team/Group

Assign an Employee to My Magestore Team/Group

Assign an Employee to Slack Team/Group Channel

  • Step 1: Go to a Channel of project, point to member icon and click Add People

Assign an Employee to GitLab Team/Group Channel

  • Step 1 Open your Team on GitLab Group
  • Step 2 Open GitLab Menu > Members
  • Step 3 Invite your team member to GitLab Group Member, set them have Maintainer right

Archived an Employee

Restore an Employee