Customer Success Youtube Channel


  • This channel have video which are used for learning and catching information from such Customer Meeting as: Acceptance, Demo, Gather Requirement.

Princples & Privacy

This channel have customer information such as their personal face, their company data. Please remeber to keep secret:

  • This channel is only viewable by Magestore member.
  • Never share or download outside Magestore.
  • By default, all videos are uploaded here have private visibility and no-kids


Manage Owner Account

Upload new Video

  • Step 1: First login to Customer Success Studio by your account which have granted editor.
  • Step 2: Make sure you are on the right channel Customer Success Studio by checking the channel name at left-top corner. If not go to the avatar at right-top corner and change to this channel.
  • Step 3: Choose upload videos
  • Step 4: Drag and Drop Videos into the box
  • Step 5: Set Title of Video as [Customer Name][Event name][YYY/MM/DD].

Example: Lichtkoning Acceptance 2020/09/10

  • Step 6: Set Description as the summary content of Event. Such as list of acceptance user story, main conclusion point.
  • Step 7: Set thumbnail as the project/customer logo.
  • Step 8: Add to playlist. Name of the playlist is the project name. If do not have Playlist, please create one as Public
  • Step 9: Alwways set audience as It's not made for kids
  • Step 10: Click more options then add Tag with Customer/Project name and Event Name such as Acceptance/Demo/Requirement
  • Step 11: Alwways set vibility as Private
  • Step 12: Notice the owner to share Videos for all Magestore member
  • Step 13: Get the shareable link

Share Video for all Magestore member

Notice: Only owner of channel can do this.

  • Step 1: Open video, and choos Share privately
  • Step 2: Choose Let everyine al view

Magestore member open Video

Open a Video, the sign in with email

Grant Editor for Magestore member

Create Playlist