Business Requirement


A Business Requirements. This must to be completed according to the sales contract or sales order from the customer.

Notice: Each solution development team have to do on many Business Requirement Packages of many Customers at the same time. Therefore solution development team have a lifetime as shown in the below picture.


  • Draft: Making draft to customer.
  • Confirmed: The customer agree to develop the requirement.
  • Approved: The delivery department take the requirement, and ready to development.
  • In Progress: The delivery department is developing.
  • Done: The delivery department complete and deliver to customer.
  • Cancel: Customer do not want to development any more.


Find a Business Requirement

Create new Business Requirement

Change Stage of Business Requirement

Assign Business Requirement to Project

Notice: The Business Requirement must have a Stake Holder. The Stake Holder must have a Project.

List User Story of a Business Requirement