How to Create a Course?

Watch Video Tutorial by Jasmine - How to Create A Course.

Check Category first

In order to create a Course, please check the Category first. Category is the prerequisite field you need to choose when creating a course. If there is no available category, you need to create category for course first.

Course Start Date & Expired Date

If you want to set course start date & end date, you can specify the time you want in General setting. If not, just disable the timeframe.

Course Description

The description will appear in Course Listing page. Normally you will write 3-5 sentences to generally introduce about the course with its purpose and who will be fit to enrol in a course. contains Entrance Test for newbie to take before joining Magestore. When creating account, they can see the Course Listing also. Please indicate each course clearly so that there is no mistake when enrolling.

Course Image

This is the showing image in Homepage when you first enter the Course site.

It is suggested to design course image with dimensions: 880px x 560px If you are familiar with Canva tool for designing, use this template with default dimension for designing Course Image.

Course Format

Course Format can be set right in Creating Phase or you can edit it later. There are 4 types of Format:

  • Single Activity Format
  • Social Format
  • Topic Format
  • Weekly Format

Normally at Magestore, we can choose 2 types

Single Activity Format

which allows the course creator to choose only 1 kind of apprearance for the course. It can be one of the following activities:

To understand about each activities, please read this guide

  • Assignment: when you want to create a Course like a Test which gives the questions for students and then they need time to prepare the answers. They will upload submission as answers/response for the Test.
  • Page: When you want to have an only single page to put content for Course
  • Quizz: When you want to create a Quizz for users/students

Topic Format

When you want to create a Course with many chapters inside, in each chapter there are numerous of pages, pleae choose Topic format. You can add activities easily inside. An example from Remote Working Mindset Course, there are several topics including: Remote Mindset & Agile Manifesto; Communication in Remote; Meeting & Scrum Events in Remote. In each topic, you can create different kind of pages like Page, Checklist, Test, Quizz, Assignment...

Read Course Format more in Moodle Docs

Edit Content in Course

When first creating a course, you will be redirected to a simple page like this:

Click Gear icon in the Right corner to Turn editing on to kick off your Editing Process. If you need more configuration for Course, you can choose More to open the adminstration page for Course.

When Turn editing on, you will see other buttons to edit Content.

After that, you can:

  • Edit the Topic
  • Add an activity or resource to add more sub topic for the main topic.

Configure Completion Tracking in Course

When student learn in Course, it's not only they log in and learn, as the Course Creator we need to configure how the completion will be tracked when they learn. Be aware to those conditions:

By Activity Completion, you can track their completion by different ways:

  • Student can make activity as completed as they want
  • But normally we will let it auto complete when conditions are met. It can be receiving a grade/view to complete setting.

Competencies setting

Competencies and Learning Plan are the higher control from Site Adminstration when designing the Learning Experience for Magestore members. It a course is linked with a competency, you need to indicate What happen when they finish the activity.


Competencies describe the level of understanding or proficiency of a learner in certain subject-related skills.