Video Creation Process

1. Brainstorm

  • Set goal(s)
  • Topics for single videos
  • Know contact persons (for specific topics)

2. Produce

  • Prepare outline and script (incl. voice over)
  • Prepare list of scenes/recordings that are needed (steps to take etc.)
  • Prepare demo for recording (Daisy)
  • Record voice over
  • Record screen (utilize voice over to get feeling of speed), 16:9 format, at least 1920x1080
  • Record other scenes with camera (outdoor, hardware, etc.) - ideally in 4k to be more flexible

3. Edit

  • Create draft video in software (Adobe Premiere or similar)
    • Find (legal to use) background music (Audiojungle)
    • Create start & end screen (e.g. video title, ways to contact, etc.)
    • Put recordings/audio together
    • Review by team + contact person
  • Finalize video
    • Color grading, to get all recordings in similar style (if needed)
      • Magestore uses a hint of yellow/orange for bright spots and a hint of blue for dark spots → Generally try to achieve a bit of a warmer feeling for the video
    • Purchase song and replace
    • Adjust other details if needed (mainly for camera recordings, e.g. smoothen shaky footage)
    • Export 1920x1080 (or more if possible), 60fps