Overall Marketing Performance


How to get the number

You can get the week's revenue number by chatting with Magon or use the company report.

Option 1: Ask Magon

On Slack, Under Apps, open Magon.

Type in Sales this week and get the revenue number.

Option 2: Use Company Report

Open the company report.

On the top right, change the time range to This week (starts Monday).

Press Apply. Then use the Revenue number on the top left of the report.

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)


Sales qualified leads are the prospects who the sales team consider opportunities to move forward with our solution.

After a website visitor becomes a marketing qualified leads, they can schedule a call with one of our Business Consultant. If they show up for the first meeting, they are considered a SQL.

The flow is: Website visitors > Marketing Qualified Leads > Book Calendly > Sales Qualified Leads > Customers.

How to calculate

SQLs are calculate based on the date they are qualified, not the date they complete the book demo form.

For example, if a visitor completes the book demo form at July 4th, then get qualified by the BC team at July 14th, they will be counted as a SQL on July 14th.

How to get the number

Since 22nd February, we use the team Dashboard to get the number of SQLs.

Select the time range, and use the number SQLs on the top left of the report.

For weekly report, we use the SQLs number from last week's Friday to the current week's Thursday.

For monthly report, use the number from the first date of the month to the last.

Magestore.com Traffic

Use the number from Traffic section under Website Performance.