Marketing ticket follow-up guide

Weekly, there're some tickets relating to marketing sent to Magestore and saved in My.magestore. Here're steps to process tikets.

Step 1: The person in charge of ticket follow-up will go to the path My Magestore > Service Desk > Coffee

Step 2: Cancel unrelated tickets like advertising or workshop invitations. Divide the remaining tickets into 4 types by assigning the color

  • Red: Guestpost and exchange link requests (Paid and unpaid)
  • Yellow: Link inserting request only
  • Green: Partner program request
  • Purple: Paid feature on magazines

Step 3: Assign person to process tickets by selecting a ticket> tab on Edit > Select member name in Assigned to

  • Assign Guestpost and exchange link requests and Link inserting request to @Irene. Here's Guest post policy.
  • Assign Partner program request to @Keenan
  • Post Paid feature on magazines on team slack for discuss further

Step 4: Members assigned will move card to next collums to set status of each tickets.