Lead Room on My Magestore

The Lead Room contains information synced from all lead generation forms on different websites.

This includes all lead details from the Book Consultation and Book Demo form on magestore.com website. This helps connect marketing data to the rest of Magestore system, making it easier to track customer journey and build reports.

Qualify leads

There are 3 options to filter out the unqualified leads:

  • Is spam: For spam contacts such as fake emails or phone numbers. At the moment this is marked manually.
  • Is test: For form submissions for the purpose of testing on the website. This is usually from trueplus or magestore email address. At the moment this is marked manually.
  • Is repeated: The system marks this automatically based on historical records of email field in the past 3 months.

Track number of MQLS

Use the existing view called Marketing Lead by Month to check the MQLs by month and details.

Search by email or name

Use the search bar to search for customer name or email.

Group by country

Use the Group by option to check leads by country.

Data sync duration

Data from Wordpress is synced to My Magestore once per hour.