How Coffee uses Google Analytics

Track website interaction

We use Google Analytics Client ID to identify visitors and track their behavior on our website.

Step 1: Get Google Analytics Client ID
  • Since Sep 2021, whenever the lead submits a form, the client ID is automatically filled and submitted along with it. You can find the client ID for the Lead or Deal under the field GA Client ID.

Step 2: Find the lead in Google Analytics
  • Log into Google Analytics.
  • In the top left, make sure view is selected.

  • In the left menu, expand Audience, and click on User Explorer.

  • Open the date selector and choose the start date as the date that the lead submitted the form. Press Apply.

  • Paste the client ID into the search bar and press Enter key or click on the Search icon.

  • Click on the search result to open the User Report

Step 3: Check user interactions
  • The User Report will show all the interactions that the visitor had on our website within the selected date range.

  • Click on each section to expand and view all the pages that the user viewed before they head to the book demo form.

  • To see all website interactions since they first visited Magestore, change the start date of the date range to the Acquisition date

  • Now you can see all the interactions on our website before the visitor decides to leave their contact with Magestore.

Known issues
  1. For leads before 12 March 2021

For customers who completed the forms before 12 March 2021, note that there's a time zone difference. Before this date, GA's timezone is set to US Mountain Time (MST/MDT), while the website is UTC+0.

Therefore, if you want to check the interaction before this date, subtract the time difference (6 hours between March & November, 7 hours between November & March due to daylight saving)

For example, if a lead completed the form on 12 Feb 2021 at 19:00 according to the website, then check Google Analytics for user who completed the 2 events at 12PM on GA.

  1. Can't find GA Client ID

Some time you won't be able to find the client ID. This is because the customer's browser blocked Google Analytics tracking code, so we didn't have any records of their interaction on the website.