Guide to integrate sign up form (Zoho campain & Wordpress)

1. Zoho campain

Step 1: Go to Zoho > Campaign > Signupform

Step 2: Click on Create Form

OR clone from a created form

Step 3: Fill in the form

1. Name

2. Edit design

Note: You can use saved teamplate to inherit form created before and save time.

3. Click Save and Proceed after completing form design

4. Select Associated email listing

Note: If you don't select Associated mail listing, the system don't generate form embed code. Thus, if you want to test sychronization but you've not created eamil flow yet, you have to select a certain email for testing. Then, after you create email flow for this campain, you update the correct email listing again.

5. Click on Edit response and select values

Note: You must select and input values as following

2. Wordpress

Step 1. After you complete signup form in Zoho campain, you go to Wordpress > Signup Forms

Step 2. Click Refresh

Note: If you have any edit on signup form on Zoho Campain, you have to REFRESH to make sure that data is updated in Wordpress as well.

Step 3. After sychronization is successful, you can see the signup form in Wordpress. You then copy the Short code

Step 4. Go to the page you are working on and fill the Short code

Then, you can preview the page and it shows the form like this: