Create Billing for Outsource Activities on My Magestore

1. For freelance content

Step 1: Create vendor

Step 2: Create request for quotation (RFQ)

  • In the Purchase module on My Magestore, click on the Purchase tab and select Requests for Quotation.

  • This open the RFQs window. Click on Create to draft a new RFQ.

  • Select the Vendor you created in Step 1 and change the currency to VND.

  • Next, we'll add in the number of articles we expect the freelancer to complete within the month. In the Products tab, click on Add a line.

  • Fill in the details of each article:

    • Product: Select Content: Outsource article
    • Description: Name of the article. If we haven't assigned a topic, just write Topic: TBA
    • Scheduled date: Nice to have. The date that the freelancer is expected to hand in the first draft. You can base this on their past activities.
    • Unit price: Rough estimation of the price for this article. This number will have us determine how much company budget we need to save to pay for the freelancer at the end of the month. We'll update the final price later.
    • Taxes: Leave the field empty
  • Once you're finished filling in the estimated number of articles of the month, click the Save button in the top left corner of the screen to save the RFQ.

  • Open the Print menu and click on Request for Quotation. This will create a PDF file for you to send to the freelancer.

  • Here's what a sample RFQ looks like.

Step 3: Confirm RFQ with freelancer (outside the My Magestore system)

  • Send the RFQ PDF file to the freelancer for confirmation. We normally do this via external email.

  • Once the freelancer agrees with the expected number of articles and deadlines, go back to the RFQ on My Magestore and click Confirm Order.

  • This turns the RFQ into a Purchase Order (PO). We'll continue to update the PO throughout the month based on the freelancer's results

Step 4: Update PO based on the freelancer's result

  • Update the received quantity and actual price based on the freelancer's final work.

Step 5: Confirm final PO with freelancer (outside the My Magestore system)

  • Note: You should finalize this before the end of each month. This ensures the system creates the bill and calculates the necessary amount to pay for the freelancer for the correct month.
  • Download the PO with the received quantity and price as a PDF file and send to the freelancer for confirmation.

Step 6: Convert PO into Vendor Bill

  • After you receive the confirmation from the freelancer, go back to the PO and click Create Bill.

  • Make sure the vendor, quantity, and unit price is correct, then press Validate.

  • Log the payment info into the note on the right side of the screen to make it easy for Steve to transfer the amount.

Step 1: Create vendor

  • On My Magestore, go to Purchase module. Then under the Purchase menu, click on Vendors

  • Click Create button to create a new vendor (the account we'll pay for the backlink)
  • Fill in Name and Email fields, then click Save to create the Vendor.

Step 2: Create purchase order & vendor bill

Since we only create PO when we've received the link, we can create PO and vendor bill at the same time.

  • In the Purchase module, open the Purchase menu and click on Purchase Orders.

  • Press Create to draft a new request for quotation.

  • For Vendor, choose the vendor we've created in Step 1.

  • Next, add the backlink under the Products grid. Click on Add a line.

  • Product: Choose Content: Backlink

  • Description: Paste in the URL of the published guest/sponsor post

  • Schedule date: Leave the field empty

  • Quantity: 1 (since we got one backlink)

  • Unit price: The price of the backlink

  • Click on Confirm Order

  • Next, in the Products grid, update the Received Qty to 1

  • Press Create bill button on top

  • Review all the information in the PO, then click on Validate

  • On the right hand side of the screen, click on the Log note function and paste the payment info. Then click on Log.

  • Save all your actions.