Coffee Key Activities

Sprint planning

  • Time: 8:30 Monday
  • Person in charge: Facilitator
  • Key actions:
    • Review milestone
    • Go over tasks, PIC, and task detail
    • Confirm team meetings


  • Time: 8.30–8:45 from TuesdayFriday
  • Few minutes each person updates what they did yesterday and plans for the upcoming day


  • Time: 2:00pm
  • Person in charge: Facilitator
  • Activities: Review PRODUCT
    • Review MKT metrics and OKRs
    • Review sprint goal
    • Demo results
    • Discussion on the results

Backlog refinement

  • Time: Friday, after team review session
  • Person in charge: Marketing owner
  • Key actions:
    • Review this week's task to see if there will be leftover tasks for next week
    • Members propose activities for next week in the following order
      • Tasks to support OKR
      • Tasks to generate leads
      • Other tasks based on marketing functions
    • Team discuss US, AC, DoD, and PIC of next week's tasks


  • Time: Friday, after backlog session
  • Person in charge: Facilitator
  • Activities: Reflect on PROCESS and PEOPLE