Coffee Facilitator Checklist

This page shows checklist for facilitator to run main events of Coffee team.

Rotating lists for person in charge: Irene — Jackie — Jeng — Kate — Keenan — Richard

A. Backlog refinement

  • Create milestone (Format: W No. (dd/mm-dd/mm) on GitLab
  • Remind team to brainstorm ideas that supports OKR, lead gens, and other marketing activities
  • Go to the Gitlab board and ask each member if they'll have leftover tasks for next week
  • Go to the milestone for next week and add in the name of the tasks for next week
    • OKR
    • Lead gens
    • Other activities by marketing functions
  • Assign the PIC for each tasks
  • Review next week's meeting calendar and team rotation

B. Weekly planning

  • Remind every task owner to update their issues on Gitlab with all the status, details and labels
  • Go over the milestone first
  • Go to the Gitlab board and go through issues by the following order:
    • Review
    • In progress
    • To-do
  • Discuss with the team in more detail how the team will deliver the selected product backlog items
    • AC, DOD, Tasks in details
    • Select assignee and supporter
    • Review value and priority
    • Review estimated time or deadline
    • Review meeting date-time if it's a meeting

  • Review the milestone again to make sure the team didn't miss any committed tasks
  • Create or update calendar events for team meetings during the week
C. Sprint review
  • Remind all members to update issue tasks
  • Check GitLab & identify which items should be demotrated and the order of demo
  • Review Team OKR & Marketing Metric Review
  • Review the status of all tasks on Gitlab board
  • The Development Team demonstrates the work that it has delivered to reach the sprint goal.
  • Close the milestone at the end of Friday
D. Sprint retro
  • Log into Retro board on using Coffee's account (which can be found on Password)
  • Allow all members to create cards for Glad / Sad / Start doing columns
  • Let members explain their cards and group
  • Ask everyone to vote maximum 3 items they want to discuss and solve
  • Discuss solutions for selected items and owner for these solutions
  • Remind owner to create issues for selected items on GitLab