Coffee Events Agenda

1. Team Planning

Time: 8:30 am–10:00am on Monday

ID Tasks PIC Time (minute)
1 Check in: Answer some questions Dev team 15
2 Discuss about Sprint goal Dev team 15
3 The team discusses in more detail how we will deliver the selected product backlog items. Dev team 60

2. Backlog refinement

Time: 2:00 pm–3:00 pm on Friday

ID Tasks PIC Time (minute)
1 Review leftover tasks for next week Dev team 10
2 Propose tasks to support OKR, generate leads, and by marketing functions Dev team 45
3 Review next week's meeting schedule & weekly rotation Dev team 5

3. Team Review

Time: 3:00 pm–3:30 pm on Friday

ID Tasks PIC Time (minute)
1 Review marketing metrics & OKR Dev team 10
2 The Development Team demonstrates the work that it has delivered to reach sprint goal. Dev team 10
3 Gather feedback: after the demo section, the entire team is feel free to offer feedback about the completed work. Dev team 10

Note: For the last week of month, we'll do a monthly summary and actions for next month.

4. Team Retrospective

Time: 3:30 pm–4:00 pm on Friday

ID Tasks PIC Time (minute)
1 Brainstorm Glad/Sad/Start doing on All 3
2 Explain and group items All 5
3 Vote on topic to discuss (maximum 3 topics) All 3
4 Investigate selected retro items: Reasons, actions All 15
5 Check out All 5

5. Team Daily

Time: 8:30 am–8:47am on Monday

ID Tasks PIC Time (minute)
1 Each member answers: (1) What they did yesterday, (2) Difficulties they had, (3) What they will do today All 15

Time box: Facilitator uses Pomodoro technique to help other members on focus and creative freshness. Here's the basic process:

  • Start a 25-minute timer
  • Work until the timer rings
  • Take a short, five-minute break
  • Every four pomodoros (focus periods), take a longer break—usually 20-30 minutes