Checklist to prepare reports for Team Review session

This guide outlines the steps to prepare marketing metrics report for Coffee's Team Review session.

Note: The timerange for all weekly results should be between last week's Friday and this week's Thursday.

Step 1. Traffic

You can refer this guide to know how to get traffic data.

Step 2. MQLs

    • Make sure to filter out any spam contacts according to the guide
    • Set the time range from 00:00:00 on last week's Friday to 23:59:59 on this week's Thursday.

You can refer this guide or this video 02:00-05:00 to know how to get MQL.

Step 3. SQLs

You can reference this guide or [this video 05:00-10:46] to know how to get SQL.

Step 4. Deals info

    • Sources/medium: Select the medium from the dropdown menu. For the sources, use the exact source from GA, case-sensitive. Example: direct, not Direct
    • Calculate Visitor>MQL Lag time: Total number of dates between their first website visit (acquisition date in the screenshot below) and the date they submitted the form

  • Calculate MQL>SQL Lag time: Total of dates between the time they booked consultation and the date the deal was verified by both SDR and BC

  • Record these details into the deal under the Marketing section on each of the new deal on Zoho

To get insights about each SQL, you can check notes of BC team in Zoho. Besides, you can go to the folder of BC team to research more.

To check the date they booked demo/consultation, you can check email received date.

Note: If you can't find the lead's information on GA, just fill 2 fields: GA ClientID and MQL > SQL Lag time. Write down N/A for ClientID field and calculate the lag time between MQLs to SQLs.

Step 5: Revenue & New customers

Step 6: Create annotations for all website activities

  • Follow this guide to add annotations

Step 7: Showcase report during team review