slow stock sku

1. Overview

Purpose of measure

This measure help us to get a list of sku (or product) that currently are slow stock in a period of time. Slow stock mean there is no sales.

Measure Code

  • Strapi: slow stock sku

  • OLAP:

  • LUIS: slow stock sku

2. Data design

Data source

OLAP Design

3. Strapi Question Design

Expected Result

Question Parameter

3. LUIS Training

Question to ask

  • slow products last 7 days
  • Top 100 slow products last 7 days
  • Slow moving items last XXX days
  • Slow moving items last month
  • Slow moving items from 01/01/2021 to 15/01/2021

MeasureList: slow stock sku

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  • slow inventory sku, slow inventory product, slow inventory item, slow inventory skus, slow inventory products, slow inventory items

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Luis Training