Reflect 8 Weeks Internship

Reflect 8 Weeks internship Book will share with you about knowledge about Magento, React JS, Basi...

Reports & Dashboard for Retail Business

Retail Analytics Guide

Retail Analytics Guide For Machine

Retail Knowledge

This book includes all the necessary knowledge to operate a retail business.

Salient and WPBakery

Build Wordpress website with Salient Theme and WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

Scrum at Magestore

Security Practices

The handbook for Security Practices at Magestore

Social Media & Community

All guides related to social media marketing and community building for Magestore.

Solution Development Process

All about the solution development organisation, process, and standardisation

Steps to build a new startup

This is the guideline to build a new startup company from 0 to 1.

Strategic Brand Management

Team Year End Retro

The instruction how to organize year end retro activities in an effective way.

Technical Internship at Magestore

Hướng dẫn & Quy trình nhận SV thực tập chất lượng cao từ Hợp tác với trường ĐH Bách Khoa Hà Nội. ...

The Mentee's Guide

For any mentee who wants to be better version of themselves and build a productive relationship w...

The Mentor's Guide

Guideline for mentors for a better mentoring relationship with their mentees

Ultimate SEO guide

A complete guideline about SEO practice that is applying at Magestore websites. It includes how ...

Web Push Notification

Webinar Guide

This guide will help you create & run an online webinar in the Chan Chat Ke Tat series. Webin...