Learning Data Science

The path to become a data scientist

Machine Learning in Retail

Magento Solution Specialist

The book covers all the sections included in the Magento Solution Specialist certificate issues b...

Magestore Blog

This book is created to save all document relating our blog

Magestore Branding

Telling the story of Magestore brand through style. Guidelines for visual and writing for Magestore.

Magestore Campus

Operation Guideline for Magestore Campus. Current address: B23 Room - 4th Floor - Mpro Office, ...

Magestore Handbook

Guideline how to use Magestore Handbook for Knowledge Management

Magestore Help Center - Knowledge Base

How to write an article to help our customers understand and use Magestore products successfully.

Magestore Master Handbook

Master guideline about how we operate our work at Magestore.

Magestore Partnership Program

Magestore partners with other solution providers to provide a complete solution for our customers.

Magestore POS Business Architecture

Magestore POS Community

Information about POS

Magestore Solution Specialist Course

This book guides you with all the information about the MSS course. website

Everything about Magestore website ( Landing pages, functions, SEO settings, and m...

MageX Team

Everything related to MageX's Scope of work, strategies, activities, tools

Marketing Analytics

Tools and Methods for analyzing marketing activities and metrics.

Media and Graphic Design

Everything related to graphic design and media creation (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketch...

Mission - Vision - Core Values

Mission, Vision and Core Values of Magestore.